The exceptional upgrade to one of the world’s most popular charger designs now has MAGFAST charging top and bottom – just snap any other MAGFAST charger right on top or underneath.

New upgraded, height-adjustable adaptor tips are available for the old Micro-USB, ultra-modern USB-C and Apple’s Lightning connector. They still store neatly in the back, and now have micro-fine height adjustment from the button right on the front.

Plus, Wall has two Quickcharge 3.0 USB outlets underneath.

Upgrade all your Wall chargers to Double-the-Power – with the added safety of Surge Protection, today at half the price!
This upgrade gives each Wall two charging circuits, one for the devices on top, and a second separate circuit for the items or outlets underneath.

Currently only available as part of the Pro Kit.
To take advantage of our special pre-order offers, attend our free online demo.

Charging Station Hub

Wall is the long-awaited update to this classic ‘invisible outlet’ charger design, in gorgeous Alpine White.

We’ve kept everything everyone loves – the simplicity, the interchangeable tips, the discrete USB outlets, but made the product just slightly bigger and even better.

Better how?

Magnetic Attraction Above and Below

The biggest change is the fast, magnetic MAGFAST connection to the top and the bottom.

Now every MAGFAST product just snaps right on in a fraction of a second, for charging and storage… with no wires.

Arrive home with any MAGFAST power bank and just pop it right on top, or underneath. It’s an easy one-handed move – perfect when your other hand is busy with groceries, or a child!

You can also attach the ingenious MAGFAST Air charger for wireless Qi charging of any device.

Upgraded Electronics with Power Delivery

The electrical system is now based on state-of-the-art Power Delivery technology, capable of way faster charging for newer phones that support the latest standards.

Gorgeous, Refined New Tips

The new tip design is gorgeous and includes two big upgrades.

First, the tips now have micro-fine adjustment so you can set them to just the right height for the thickness of the case on your device.

Second, the tip is based on the new USB-C charging standards to take full advantage of Wall’s Power Delivery tech. So it’s super-fast, and now you can use these tips by themselves as adapters for the new USB-C cables.

We’ve also developed a new tip adjustment system to move the tips up and down; it’s way more refined. Also, we moved the button that adjusts the height of the tips from the back to the front, where it’s a lot more convenient.

Wall is Part of our MAGFAST Family & included in every Pro Kit

MAGFAST have carefully curated a range of chargers that meet your everyday needs. Uniquely crafted to ensure they can work together or as stand-alone devices, MAGFAST are changing charging for good.

MAGFAST Life – Never has so much power sat in the palm of your hand! MAGFAST Life is your everyday charger that showcases rapid speed charging via both USB and wireless capabilities.

MAGFAST Extreme – A charger that packs enough punch to charge all your tech and start your car! This is the power-up you never knew you needed!

MAGFAST Road – Car journeys are no fun if you can’t snap pics or share your adventure on social media, right? Keep everyone in the car connected with MAGFAST Road. It even boasts a powerful flashlight should you need it!

MAGFAST Air – Connect to any other MAGFAST device or plug it into your wall to create a stunning wireless charging stand.

All of the above are included as part of the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit just like MAGFAST Wall is. We don’t stop at MAGFAST though and keep on creating with innovations such as….

MAGFAST Time – A stunning piece of tech that gives your Apple Watch a new way to charge but with its USB and Qi wireless capability, your other tech gets a boost too!

Every piece of MAGFAST tech has focused on making life easier for you. Our chargers keep you connected for longer and unite all of your charging needs under one umbrella. Discover MAGFAST today!


Model MAGFAST Wall 60/120 with Surge Protection
Regions North America, Canada & Others
MSRP (USD) $69/$119
Capacity mAh n/a
Capacity Wh n/a
Battery Technology n/a
Smartphone Recharges n/a
MAGFAST Connection 2x OUT
Wireless Charging
110-240v AC IN + OUT
Micro USB
Input Current 0.3A Max
Output Voltage 5-20V & 110-240V
Maximum Output Power* 60W/120W
Maximum Single Port Power** 30W (PD)
WxDxH (mm) 83x135x52
Weight 9oz
Operating Temp 32-104°F (0-40°C)
Lightning Adaptor/Cable Option
USB-C Adaptor/Cable Option
Micro USB Adaptor/Cable Option
Note – All specs are subject to change. *Max power output spec will be updated as development is completed

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