Incredible Indiegogo MAGFAST Lux Support

3rd August, 2022

Support MAGFAST Lux now:

Lux is the latest member of the MAGFAST family. Having launched on Monday August 1st, the Indiegogo campaign has witnessed incredible support. At the time of writing, with 29 days left of the Indiegogo funding, MAGFAST has secured nearly 3,000 supporters, pledging over $500,000.

The new, beautiful, premium charging cable is at the production stage. Estimated shipping is December 2022 – this is after we initially announced October 2022. The campaign is so successful, with such amazing support, that our initial factory order of Lux is oversubscribed. Therefore, this change had to be made to accommodate all those who have backed Lux.

Interested in backing MAGFAST Lux? By pledging various amounts, from $33 to $660, you can receive amazing MAGFAST perks. Furthermore, Somewhere on the Indiegogo page there’s an ‘Easter Egg’, a clue that leads to 500 MAGFAST Club Rewards points. Of course, you’ll need to watch our videos, look closely at our graphics and read everything closely to find it!

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