MAGFAST Time for Apple® Watch


Time has all the core features of every MAGFAST power bank. Super-easy to keep charged – then even easier to use when your devices need a boost. Fast USB-C with PD Power Delivery, the built-in mini-cable, Qi Wireless charging…

Plus one extraordinary extra feature for Apple Watch owners. The neat, motorized charging platform and enough power on board to recharge your watch for up to two weeks.

Only available as an addition to Pro Kit.
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MAGFAST Time is the best way to charge your Apple® Watch.

Time starts as a full MAGFAST Family powerbank with all the family features – then adds a simple, stylish, sturdy fold-out platform to charge your watch vertically, in nightstand mode, or horizontally.

And Time is the perfect travel companion too, with enough charge to keep your Apple Watch in action for a two week trip while still keeping all the MAGFAST Family features that allow you such ease and flexibility getting power in and out.

FOUR Ways to Get Power IN to Time

Let’s be honest. A power bank with no charge is useless. You might as well carry around a brick.

So MAGFAST power banks are super-easy to charge and keep charged, with a remarkable four ways to get power in:

  • Place right on any Qi wireless charger
  • Plug in a USB-C cable
  • Or any Micro-USB cable
  • Snap magnetically & fast to every other MAGFAST charger

FOUR Ways to Get Power OUT of Time

The Magical MAGFAST Connection

Your fast, magnetic MAGFAST connection is awesome for getting power out as well as in. Snap on an accessory like MAGFAST Air and instantly you’ve got a stylish, powered, portable, Qi wireless charging stand.

And your MAGFAST magnetic connection is perfect for transferring a charge from one MAGFAST power bank to another. Just snap them together and immediately power starts to flow…

The Awesome Built-in Cable

The super-neat MAGFAST Family compact cable that’s always there when you need it.

It flips out easily and snaps perfectly, magnetically back into place when not in use.

The cable with the USB-C tip comes included FREE with every power bank. USB-C’s the one you want for almost all modern devices and swaps in seconds with the available Lightning and Micro USB cables.


That awesome built-in cable actually plugs into our fast-charging USB-C outlet. Anytime you need a longer cable, just plug one right in!

Motorized Apple Watch Charging Platform

Plus of course, MAGFAST Time has one more unique way to get power out – its raison d’etre:

The neat, sturdy, motorized, extending platform made for Apple Watch. Time adjusts to a perfect horizontal or 45° angle for viewing and charging, and uses only Apple’s MFi certified charging coil.

It all makes MAGFAST Time the best way to charge your Apple Watch.

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