The 10 Benefits of Wireless Charging for College Students

As a student, you’ll be constantly on the go, traveling from class to class, studying in the library, back to the dorm and also traveling back home for breaks. At the same time, it’s vital that all your devices are always charged up and ready to go, so you can use them for studying, submitting work, contacting your tutors, and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Wireless charging can be a huge benefit for college students, providing a simple and convenient solution to keeping your devices charged. Below are the 10 best benefits that wireless charging can bring to your college life.

Fewer Cords

The first benefit of wireless charging is the obvious one. When you use a wireless phone charger for your smartphone, headset, AirPods, and other compatible devices, you bring the beauty of charging with fewer wires.

Depending on the Qi wireless charger that you use, you may need to plug it into an outlet. The alternative is to use Qi wireless powerbanks, which bring all the power of a Qi charger with no wires at all. MAGFAST Life is our portable power bank charger, with a state-of-the-art Qi wireless charging zone. At home or in the classroom, just place your device on the Qi pad wherever you are to give your devices a boost.


When you’re constantly plugging and unplugging your charger cables, they’ll inevitably begin to deteriorate. Plus, you’ll also begin to see wear and tear on the sockets on your devices themselves. This will result in your having to keep replacing your cord chargers every few months when they inevitably break with constant use.

Thanks to the simplicity of Qi wireless charging, there’s very little wear and tear to your charger or devices. Your device simply sits on the charger, and you pick it up when needed, with no repetitive plugging in of cables that can cause deterioration and damage.

You can further improve the durability of your Qi wireless charger by investing in a premium charging device, like MAGFAST’s family of chargers. All our chargers have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they’re ready for everyday life, plus they come with a three-year warranty as standard. With MAGFAST products, you have the peace of mind that your charger is built to last, so you can keep just one charger for your entire college career and beyond.


Qi wireless chargers are super convenient to use. It’s as simple as having your wireless charger on your desk, placing your device on it to charge and picking it up when you need to use it. Cable charging requires you to use two hands to plug and unplug the wire into your device, but Qi wireless charging just requires one hand to work, meaning you can truly multi-task and save time if you’re cramming or even pulling an all-nighter!

With Qi charging you can really focus on the task at hand, knowing that your devices are charging with little effort. MAGFAST chargers use the latest Qi charging technology, instantly recognizing when a device is on the pad and charging straight away, so you’ll always be able to rely on your MAGFAST charger to keep your devices charged.


Wireless charging is super safe for your devices, as most Qi chargers will automatically shut off when your device has reached full power. Some chargers don’t have this feature, which can result in your device overheating. If your device overheats, it can cause the battery to degrade and cause long-term damage.

MAGFAST uses the latest in Qi charging technology, meaning our chargers always employ the latest safety features to charge your devices safely and efficiently. All MAGFAST chargers will automatically stop charging devices when they reach full power and will never overheat.


Qi is the universal standard in wireless charging, meaning any device that supports wireless charging can use any Qi charger. So, you can use the same Qi charger to charge your smartphone, headset and earbuds, so you can streamline your workstation. You also won’t need to purchase multiple chargers to charge your various devices, which can save you money as well as space on your desk.

As well as Qi charging, MAGFAST chargers also support multiple ways of charging via cables, including USB-C, USB-A, Apple Lightning and micro-USB. So, with a MAGFAST charger like MAGFAST Life, not only can you keep all your wireless charging devices powered up with one charger, you can also use that same charger to charge every other device you own, including tablets and e-readers.


Wireless charging means less clutter, so you can have a simple and streamlined workstation. You’ll no longer have visual overload with lots of unsightly cables – instead, your wireless charger adds a sophisticated and modern touch to your desk.

MAGFAST’s family of gorgeous chargers have all been expertly designed for both practicality and aesthetics. Your charger should be just as sleek and beautiful as your devices, and every feature of MAGFAST chargers has been designed to look and feel great. Such as MAGFAST Air, our stunning Qi wireless charging stand which looks great on your desk and can also be used portably, snapped onto any MAGFAST powerbank.

Always Ready

With Qi charging, your devices will always be ready. With a desktop Qi wireless charger, like MAGFAST Air, you can keep your phone on the stand where it can constantly be kept charged and ready to go. Thanks to the simplicity of wireless charging, you won’t have to think about finding an outlet, finding the right cable, and choosing between having your device accessible or keeping it powered up. Simply place your device on the Qi charger on your workstation in easy reach, pick it up when you need to use it and place it back on the charger when you’re finished. You’ll never need to worry about your devices being low on battery again.

Prolong Battery Life

As well as keeping your devices charged when you’re in class or studying, you can also quickly drop your devices onto your wireless charger throughout the day, for quick mini power-ups. Not only will this help to keep your devices always ready to go, but it can also help to prolong your battery life, by keeping the battery in the optimal zone between 50% and 80% charged.

Letting your device drain too low and constantly charging it to full capacity can cause the battery to deteriorate, and so using your wireless chargers for small power-ups throughout the day can really help to keep your battery going for longer.

Charge Multiple Devices at Once

Not every Qi charger can accommodate multiple devices at once. Some wireless chargers might come with two zones instead of one. But our powerful portable bank, MAGFAST Extreme, is the world’s first wireless charger to feature three Qi charging zones, allowing you to wirelessly charge three devices at once.

Not only that, but MAGFAST Extreme also supports charging via USB-C, USB-A, micro-USB and Apple Lightning. So, with just one charger, you can charge every single one of your devices, all at the same time. MAGFAST Extreme is our beast of a powerbank, and so even when you’re charging multiple devices, you’ll know that it packs enough power to keep them all charged and more. MAGFAST Extreme can hold so much power, it can even jump-start a car!

By using one charger to charge all your devices, you won’t have to worry about trying to pick and choose what device gets charged, nor will you have to worry about any device running out of battery. It can also save you space, which is super helpful if you’re working in a small space or dorm room.


Not every wireless charger is portable. But MAGFAST Life and MAGFAST Extreme are our powerful and practical portable powerbanks with Qi charging technology.

Life is small and sleek, perfect for throwing in your bag to take around campus and keep your devices charged as you go to classes. And while Life may be small, it still packs a punch, carrying enough power for multiple charges of your devices throughout the day. With a portable Qi charger like Life, you won’t have to think about finding an outlet for your charger or fumbling with cables in your bag.

Extreme is perfect for when you’ll be out and about for longer or if you’re going on longer journeys, like traveling home for a break. Extreme has three Qi wireless charging pads, and so it’s perfect for keeping multiple devices charged on the go, hassle-free, with no wires. It’s our beast of a super-charger, with enough power to keep you and all your devices going for days.

Advanced Technology

Not all Qi wireless chargers will use the most up-to-date technology. But MAGFAST chargers do you use the very latest Qi-certified wireless charging technology. That means that all MAGFAST Qi wireless chargers will give you efficient, safe, high-speed power. Simply power on the charger and put your device on the Qi pad – the MAGFAST charger will instantly detect your device and begin powering it up with minimum delay.

Wireless Means Wireless with MAGFAST

MAGFAST’s family of chargers is a ground-breaking collection of six high-performance, high-quality chargers. With MAGFAST’s chargers, you can keep all your devices charged, whether you’re at home, in the classroom, in the library, or on the go. Our chargers are compatible with all your devices – so, even if you have some devices that don’t support wireless charging, you can keep them charged with the same charger. For your devices that do support wireless charging, we use the latest Qi-certified technology for reliable, high-speed power. With our powerbanks, you can forget the wires and simplify your charging routine, with convenient and gorgeous portable Qi chargers.

Wireless Charging FAQs

What are the downsides of wireless charging?

Most of the time, charging with a cable will be a little quicker than charging wirelessly. Whilst wireless charging is convenient and great for quick top-ups, or situations where you need constant access to your device, for really fast charging you should use cable charging.

MAGFAST chargers use the latest technology for the fastest Qi wireless charge. On top of that, our chargers have multiple ways to power your devices, so you can also use them with cables if you need an even faster charge.

MAGFAST Air is our sleek charging stand perfect for sitting on your desk whilst you work and still giving you continuous access and visibility to your phone. However, if you’re studying in the library or attending class, you might still want this convenience when you’re not near an outlet. With our unique ‘snap to charge’ technology, you can simply place MAGFAST Air onto any MAGFAST powerbank, to use it as a portable charging stand.

MAGAST Extreme is the world’s first powerbank to feature three Qi wireless charging pads, giving you the option to charge three of your devices wirelessly at once. On top of that, Extreme also has multiple other ways to get power out, through USB-C, USB-A, and micro-USB ports so you can use one portable charger to power all your devices, both wirelessly and with cables.

Extreme holds plenty of power, enough to keep your devices charged for days. Plus, it’s made to MAGFAST’s high specification and build quality, with a three-year warranty as standard. If you’re looking for the best, most versatile wireless charger, MAGFAST Extreme is the one for you.

MAGFAST’s wireless chargers all give a powerful and super-fast wireless charge to Qi-compatible iPhones (iPhone 8 and newer) as well as AirPods. With MAGFAST, you can keep all your Apple devices charged – plus, they’re also compatible with your non-Apple products. So, with just one charging family, you can keep all your devices charged.

We also created a MAGFAST Apple watch charger called MAGFAST Time. Time has all the core MAGFAST features, with multiple ways to get power out, including Qi wireless, fast USB-C, and micro-USB. But it also has an extraordinary additional feature for Apple Watch owners – a motorized platform to conveniently hold your Watch whilst it charges. Plus, Time holds enough power to keep recharging your Watch for two weeks.

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