MAGFAST Air is your simple, gorgeous Qi wireless charging stand. For power, it snaps instantly on to every other MAGFAST charger. Perfectly poised on top of MAGFAST Wall or anywhere with a MAGFAST power bank on the back.

Or Air is great on your desk or counter too. Just plug a USB cable in the back (USB-C or Micro-USB) and you’ve got the perfect Qi wireless stand for places like your desk or kitchen counter.

Currently only available as part of the Pro Kit.
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Wireless Charging Stand

MAGFAST Air is a wireless charging stand like no other.

While all our power banks have Qi wireless charging, Air gives you a gorgeous wireless stand you can use all kinds of ways:

  • Snap Air on top of Wall for a Qi charge that takes up no desk or counter space
  • Snap on Air’s neat magnetic charging stand and pop a USB cable in the back for neat charging stand on your desk or by your bed
  • Attach to any MAGFAST power bank like Life, Extreme, Road or Time for a powered portable stand, ideal in meetings. You can even lay Air flat to give a gentle incline to your screen while charging.

Air is Part of our MAGFAST Family & included in every Pro Kit

MAGFAST are proud to have fused together revolutionary tech, inspired design, and complete versatility to make the perfect charging devices. With the ability to work together or independently, MAGFAST makes charging simple.

MAGFAST Life-Simply, the everyday powerbank you never knew you needed until now. Qi wireless charging, multiple USB options and a kick of power so strong you’ll never need another charger for your day-to-day charging.

MAGFAST Extreme – A charger that packs a punch for all of your devices including your car! Multiple wireless charging pads and USB options just scratch the surface. This beast can jump-start your car!

MAGFAST Road – Keeping connected when on the road has never been easier. Everyone on the journey can give their tech the boost it needs with USB capabilities. Factor in the stunning in-built flashlight and you’ve got a prime piece of safety kit too!

MAGFAST Wall – The ultimate in charging stations means laptop power bricks can be a thing of the past. Office or home, MAGFAST Wall gives you a new way to stay powered up.

All of the above are part of the MAGFAST Family pro Kit, just like MAGFAST Air is. Our innovation does not stop there though!

MAGFAST Time – A charging device that makes charging your Apple Watch an altogether new experience thanks to its incredible innovation. It’ll also give your other tech a boost too via USB or Qi wireless.

Explore the MAGFAST collection today to see just how your versatile charging needs can be met with just one sleek, stylish, and powerful charger.


Regions Worldwide
MSRP (USD) $99
Capacity mAh n/a
Capacity Wh n/a
Battery Technology n/a
Smartphone Recharges n/a
MAGFAST Connection 2x IN
Wireless Charging OUT
110-240v AC
Micro USB IN
Input Current 2.0A Max
Output Voltage
Maximum Output Power* 10W (Qi)
Maximum Single Port Power** 10W
WxDxH (mm) 83x125x42
Weight 3.5oz
Operating Temp 32-104°F (0-40°C)
Lightning Adaptor/Cable
USB-C Adaptor/Cable
Micro USB Adaptor/Cable
Note – All specs are subject to change. *Max power output spec will be updated as development is completed

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