Does Airplane Mode Charge Your Phone Faster?

Posted: 1 Aug, 2022.

We all like to stay connected via our phones. The separation anxiety that comes when we have to put our phones down to charge them is real – which is why we’re always looking for the fastest way to charge our phones.

One trick to get a faster charge is to put your phone on airplane mode. When tested, it was seen that charging a phone on airplane mode could save between four and 11 minutes, showing that airplane mode does indeed charge your phone faster.

What does airplane mode do?

Airplane mode turns off many of the background processes your phone constantly runs, such as searching for radio and Wi-Fi signals. It will switch off all wireless signals that are transmitted from and received by your phone.

When you turn on airplane mode, your phone will not be able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, nor will it be able to connect to cellular networks or Bluetooth. You won’t be able to send or receive calls or messages or browse the internet when airplane mode is on.

You will still be able to use your phone to take photos, listen to music that’s on your phone, or play games. Anything that doesn’t require the internet or a phone signal will still be functional, even with airplane mode switched on.

How does airplane mode result in a faster charge?

Even if your screen is blank and you’re not using your phone, it will still be consuming power. Your phone will constantly be searching for radio and Wi-Fi signals, so it’s ready to receive messages, calls and other notifications from your apps.

When airplane mode is switched on, your phone will consume less power. The less energy your phone consumes, the faster it will reach a full charge.

The downside to charging your phone in this way is that you will be cut off from your phone whilst it charges, meaning you could miss calls and messages. You might decide that saving a few minutes of charge time isn’t worth not having access to the internet and cell network.

How else can I charge my phone fast?

The fastest way to charge your phone will be via a cable and wall outlet. If your phone supports fast charging, which most newer iPhones and Androids do. You should ensure that the cable is also capable of delivering a fast charge.

You shouldn’t use your phone whilst it’s charging. Your phone screen uses a huge amount of power, and so it will take longer to charge every time the screen is lit up. Combine this with the power that’s required when you open your various apps, and you’ll find that using your phone whilst it’s charging will mean it takes much longer to reach full charge.

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