How to Get Air Bubbles Out of a Screen Protector

Posted: 6 Nov, 2022.

Bubbles under your screen protector are, unfortunately, a common problem. Not only do they make your devices look unattractive, but they can also cause issues with how the screen works and prevent the protector from working properly.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to removing the air bubbles from your screen protector. Read on to find the best way to apply your protector to avoid bubbles and how to get any bubbles out if they occur.

First, clean your device

Bubbles under a screen protector can be caused when dust or small pieces of dirt get caught between the screen and protector. To help prevent air bubbles from occurring, you should clean the device with an alcohol pad and a cloth to ensure it’s clean. Many screen protectors will have an alcohol wipe and cloth included with it so you can prepare your screen properly.

You should also wipe down the surface you’ll be working at and wash your hands with soap. This will remove any dirt and oil that could interfere with the screen protector and cause it to bubble.

Apply a screen protector carefully

You want to avoid having to reapply the screen protector, as this can cause bubbles. Take the time to carefully apply the screen protector, making sure to align it properly before you let it make contact with the screen. Some screen protectors will include stickers you can use to align the protector and get it into place without touching the underside. You’ll want to avoid touching the sticky underside as you may transfer dirt and oil onto it, which can cause bubbles.

Once you have it in the right place, you should allow the screen protector to seal fully before you try to remove any bubbles.

Use a plastic card to push out the bubbles

Some screen protectors will come with a plastic card that you can use to remove any bubbles. If yours doesn’t, you can use a credit card or any other plastic card that has a smooth, hard edge. You should clean the card before you use it and avoid using your fingers, as these can add more dirt and oil. Use the card to push the air bubble to the edge of the screen protector, where they should be able to escape. Try to push in one direction to ensure all the bubbles are removed.

You may find that bubbles get stuck at the edge of the screen protector. If this happens, use another clean plastic card to lift up the edge of the screen protector very gently. This will allow the bubble to escape. Don’t use your fingers to lift the protector, as this could cause more dirt and oils to get onto the underside. Once the bubble has been removed, you can then let the protector reseal and use the plastic card to push it back onto the screen securely. You should try to avoid lifting up too much of the screen protector, as it can affect how well it sticks back down.

Use tempered glass instead of plastic

Plastic screen protectors can be more susceptible to bubbles than tempered glass. Tempered glass can be easier to install as it is thicker and more rigid, so air bubbles are less likely. Tempered glass screen protectors are also usually preferred because they keep the clarity of the screen, unlike plastic protectors which can deteriorate and discolor over time.

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