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What’s the Best Powerbank for an Outdoor Life?

Posted: 4 Mar, 2022.

Camping or music festival, hiking or cycling … which outdoor pursuit are you choosing? How about all of them? These types of trip always create valuable memories and you’ll want to capture them. Just don’t let your phone run out of charge!

Outdoor activities have seen a steep rise in popularity since Covid took a hold of our social lives. This has meant lots more time with friends enjoying open spaces and stunning vistas. As a result, the click of your phone camera has probably never sounded so often! Disaster strikes though when that all-important photo can’t be taken. ‘Unable to use flash, battery too low’ your phone screams …

Power banks for days out

The situation we mentioned above is not one you want to have happen and, with a MAGFAST charger in your pocket, it never does. Our variety of power banks allows you to continue enjoying your outdoor excursions without any FOMO on those missed photo, messaging or call opportunities!

Putting MAGFAST Life into your backpack gives round-the-clock charging power during your trip. Packing a 6,000 mAh capacity means that you’ll get six times the charging capability of other power banks this size. Look at it this way: you’ve clicked, scrolled, watched and shopped until your phone dies. With MAGFAST Life, you can charge from zero to one hundred, twice over. Simply put, it’s the long-lasting portable charger you need when out and about.

What is the best outdoor power bank?

Needing more of a kick for multiple devices? Whilst MAGFAST Extreme may take up more of your bag space, it also means that your entire group will never lose the opportunity to keep connected. MAGFAST Extreme literally keeps everything going. A family-safe charge makes sure nobody goes without their precious devices when you need them most.

3 wireless charging pads

Never seen on any other power bank, the three Qi wireless charging pads on Extreme mean that you can drop three devices on top and get them boosted ready for the next part of your excursion.

USB-C outlet

The ever-present USB-C outlet is the one you’ll find most of your tech connecting to and, with the cable we already provide, you can charge rapidly so you can keep enjoying capturing memories on your day out.

USB-A outlet

Got a USB-A cable that needs connecting? Of course you have! Stick it in the slot and get moving once again.

Saving the best till last

Have you ever been out and about, only to have your car fail on you? Well, MAGFAST Extreme won’t just keep you powered up … it’ll keep you moving! With enough power to jump start your car, it’s the only power bank needed to keep you going on trips. The 12v outlet, ably assisted by our 12v jumper cables, can get the motor running so no part of a road trip needs to be missed.

How much power should an outdoor power bank hold?

How much do you want? Our power banks boast superior charging capability meaning that you can take a leisurely beach walk, enjoy a festival weekend, or take a woodland adventure in your stride. MAGFAST Life, as mentioned earlier, packs a 6,000 mAh punch whilst MAGFAST Extreme stores 18,500 mAh. You’ll never be out of power again! Days’ worth of charge stored in two simple, stylish power banks.

At MAGFAST we are extremely proud of our revolutionary chargers and power banks. Their sleek and stylish design means you no longer need to rely on the low-powered cheap alternatives currently flooding the market. Utilizing ‘snap-to-charge’ magnetic technology, each MAGFAST product can be combined with another to share charge across devices.

Want to learn more? Simply check out our free demo and you may walk away with $1,000 of Apple and MAGFAST gear. Being part of a tech revolution has never been so appealing!

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