Where Can I Buy a Jump Start Power Bank?

Posted: 22 Apr, 2022.

You’ve left your headlights on overnight, your phone battery is on its way out and you’ve not got a repair kit in the trunk to get you going again. It’s moments like this when you are going to wish the tech gurus of the world had combined the capabilities of charging your phone and starting your car into one handy device.

A jump start power bank … could that be what you are looking for? The simple answer is yes. The incredible news is they do exist. Introducing MAGAST Extreme – something truly revolutionary in the world of charging.

Boasting an incredible 18,500mAh power, compared to the typical 10,000mAh provided by other power banks, MAGFAST Extreme is not only bigger, better and more reliable than the others on the market, it gives everything more of a kick, keeping you powered up for longer and keeping you on the road.

How do I jump start my car with a MAGFAST Extreme power bank?

This beast of a charger stores so much power that, no matter what vehicle needs a boost, you can get back on the road again easily. It’s straightforward, quick and saves on those expensive roadside call-outs that could keep you waiting for hours late at night.

How does it work though? With a high intensity 12v supply, MAGAST Extreme provides enough of a boost to get you on the road. Simply attach the special MAGFAST Jumper cables to Extreme, attach the crocodile clips to your car’s battery terminals and power up. It really is that easy. No mechanics, no call-out charges, no problem!

Unique wireless charging

Luckily, the same power bank that now has you back on the road is also going to keep you connected for the rest of your journey. In a world first, three wireless Qi ports allow you to power up three devices at the same time through the art of Qi charging capabilities.

How does wireless Qi charging work?

Creating a magnetic field, a Qi charger transfers electricity through the air by a magnetic field created by two coils: one in the phone, one in the charger. With Qi wireless charging, you are safe from the tangles of wires, the wear and tear of connectors and the risk of electric shock. Qi is not only the charging of today, it is also the charging of tomorrow.

That’s not to say you’ll never need to forget about wires again. MAGFAST Extreme keeps you connected more than any other power bank.

A power bank with more than one way to charge

MAGFAST Extreme is so versatile that not only have you jump started your car with it and charged items wirelessly, but you can also use the built-in cable that comes equipped with a USB-C tip to help give your other tech a much-needed boost.

Need more power? Well, that’s what MAGFAST Extreme is here for. With both USB-C and USB-A outlets, no matter what device you have, you can keep the juices flowing to keep yourself connected. There are no fewer than six ways to get power out of this power bank.

Part of its versatility is also in how you get the power in.

Charging up your power bank

So now that your car is running, your wireless devices are charged and those bits of tech that need a cable are suitably powered up, what are you going to do when your power bank needs a boost? Luckily MAGFAST has found four ways to allow you to get power into this piece of kit. You can rest it on any wireless charger to give it an injection of juice. You could plug in a USB-C cable. You might even use any Micro-USB to put power in your bank. But it’s the last innovation that really stands out.

Thanks to magnets, you can simply snap together any MAGFAST device to another and allow them to trade power to charge it up. Now that’s the future of charging right there!

MAGFAST Extreme isn’t the only part of the MAGFAST family to be a revolutionary piece of charging kit. Each one of our innovative inventions is revolutionizing the way we think about charging. There is one suitable for every eventuality, meaning you are never short on power no matter where you are. Want to learn more and be part of the future? Check out our MAGFAST demo where you could walk away with $1,000 of the latest tech gear. You can always contact us too with any other questions you might have.

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