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Why is My Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Red?

Posted: 15 Jan, 2023.

It can be incredibly frustrating when your wireless charger won’t work. If your Samsung wireless charger is blinking red and not charging your devices, read on to find out why this might be happening.

What do the lights mean on a Samsung wireless charger?

Different models of Samsung wireless charger may have different colored LED lights to indicate various things.

The Samsung Duo Wireless Charger, for example, uses a green LED to indicate that the device is fully charged, and a red LED to indicate the device is charging. If the LED flashes red, it indicates that there is an error. If the LED flashes orange or yellow, it is because the charger that is being used to connect the wireless pad to the outlet is not compatible.

A flashing red LED will often point towards a fault. This fault could be with the charger itself, or it could be something to do with the device you’re trying to charge.

How to troubleshoot a Samsung wireless charger that’s blinking red

If your Samsung wireless charger is blinking red, there are a few things you can do to identify – and rectify – the issue.

Check for any interferences between the device and charger

You should first check that your device is centered correctly onto the wireless charging pad. This will allow the charging coils to connect and pass power through properly. If your device is off-center, it might be preventing the coils from connecting.

You should also remove any cases from your phone that might be blocking the connection, especially if you have a pop socket, magnet or anything else that could be obstructing the charge.

Check the cable used to plug the charger to the power source

Samsung advises that you only use the cable that came with your Samsung phone or Samsung wireless charger when using the device. If you are using a cable from a different manufacturer to connect the wireless pad to a power source, it could be preventing the power from reaching the charging pad.

You should also check the cable for damage that might prevent the power from fully reaching the charging pad. If the wire is bent or frayed, it may need to be replaced.

Try unplugging the charger from the power source and plugging it back in again, to see if a reboot can solve the issue.

Check your device supports wireless charging

Your Samsung wireless charger may blink red if it’s unable to connect to your device because the device itself doesn’t support wireless charging. You should make sure your device, whether that’s your smartphone or headphones, can be charged wirelessly.

You should be able to check this by looking at the user guide for the device, or by checking with a search online.

If your device does support wireless charging, you can try turning it off and on again to try to eliminate any bugs that might be preventing it from taking the charge.

Disconnect accessories

If you’re trying to charge your smartphone and your Samsung wireless charger is blinking red, check to see if the phone is connected to any accessories, such as headphones. If it is, disconnect the extra devices as they may be blocking the charge.

Your phone will only be able to charge by either wireless charging or cabled charging – it won’t be able to charge with both at the same time – and so you should remove any cables from your smartphone, even if you have plugged in a cable so you can transfer data. The cable may also be trying to send a charge to the phone, and so fully disconnecting it could allow the charging pad to transfer power instead.

Contact Samsung support

If you have checked both the device and the charger and still can’t locate the fault, the next port of call will be to contact Samsung Support. They will take you through a few extra checks and, if the fault can’t be found, they may take your charger in for a service. It may be that your charger requires a replacement part to work properly.

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