Does USB-C Charge Faster Than Other Connection Types?

Posted: 15 Oct, 2022.

USB-C is the newest USB connection type that can be used to power our devices and transfer data. USB-C has been hailed as the next universal standard, with more devices adopting the technology to make the most of its benefits. But is USB-C really that much better than other connection types? We investigate below.

What can each connection type offer?

USB-A is the connection type with which most people will be familiar. It was once the most common connector, being used for charging and data transfer. USB-A ports are for output only. They will usually be included on one end of the cable, with the other end being a different connection type, such as Micro-USB or Apple Lightning. USB-A can offer a charging speed of 12W. USB-A has to be inserted the correct way around into the port to work.

Apple uses Lightning connections for its iPhones. Lightning ports are mostly input only. The charging speeds for Apple Lightning can differ – as only one end of the cable will be Lightning, the speed will depend on what is at the other end. When combined with USB-A, charging speeds will be slower. When combined with USB-C, charging speeds will be increased. Apple Lightning connectors can be inserted into the port either way around.

Micro-USB was introduced after USB-A but before USB-C and many devices utilize this connection type. Micro-USB can only offer slower charging speeds, regardless of what connector is at the other end of the cable. Like USB-A, micro-USB connectors only work one way, and so have to be inserted at the correct orientation.

USB-C has been designed to carry much more power than the other connection types. For this reason, it can deliver much faster charging speeds. For example, USB-C can charge a smartphone at 18W. It can even charge a laptop at 100W. USB-C ports are input and output, allowing for power to travel both ways through the cable. USB-C connectors are reversible, so it doesn’t matter which way you insert it into the port.

How much faster is USB-C?

Because USB-C can deliver higher amounts of power, it can charge devices much quicker than other connection types. For example, charging a dead iPhone XR for 30 minutes using the 5W charger that comes in the box with the phone will result in 17% battery. Charging the same phone for 30 minutes with a USB-A 12W charger will take it from 0% to 35%. But charging the phone for 30 minutes with a USB-C 18W charger (the maximum power this iPhone model can take), will see the battery go from 0% to 50%.

The actual charging speed will depend on your device and your charging accessories. Larger devices, such as laptops or tablets, can benefit from the higher amount of power that USB-C can deliver. For example, an iPad Pro can charge at 45W and will get to 33% battery in 30 minutes using USB-C. Because the device requires more power, the charging speed will be slower than the iPhone, which requires less power to fill the smaller battery.

What is needed for USB-C fast charging?

It’s not enough to only have a USB-C cable to guarantee a fast charge for your device. The device itself will need to support fast charging, with a port that is compatible. You’ll also need a power bank or wall adaptor that can support the higher wattage needed for fast charging via USB-C.

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