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Everything You Need to Know About Pass-Through Charging

Posted: 1 Jan, 2023.

With all the tech we carry about today, the demands on our power banks are greater than ever. The constant need for a top-up of juice means that, sometimes, even our faithful portable power bank can’t quite last to keep everything running.

That is why many hi-tech organisations are delivering the benefit of pass-through charging to their customers.

Not sure what pass-through charging is? Read on and discover why this evolution to the way you charge means you will never find yourself running out of power!

What is pass-through charging?

Pass-through charging is something that many people are glad now to be able to utilize! We’ve all been there … we see our phone is down to 15% whilst out, we go to connect our portable power bank only to find it has no charge left, or at very best, just a tiny amount.

It would have been handy to have charged your power bank at home to avoid this situation, right?

Sometimes that isn’t always possible – maybe you only have access to one socket at home or work and decided to charge your phone for a bit, neglecting the fact that your power bank needed its kick of power too.

With pass-through charging, this is not an issue. Pass-through charging is where you can charge one item, let’s say your power bank, and charge another device from the power bank at the same time. The power, in effect, flows from the outlet to the power bank, giving it a charge, and then passes energy on to the phone. With the electricity passing through, you get two devices charged from one source. Pretty handy huh?

How does pass-through charging work?

Utilizing the best in tech, a device embracing pass-through charging technology works by using a set of circuits that regulate the flow of power. They smartly work out how to distribute the power that is coming into the power bank, splitting some between the power bank to help charge it and some to the device it is connected to.

Sometimes, if the power bank is at a sufficient level of charge, it will send the full level of power or its maximum allowable amount to the attached device.

Is pass-through charging a good idea?

With the multitude of tech devices we have, the simple answer would be yes. Perhaps a further benefit that hasn’t yet been mentioned is the level of safety it potentially brings. Most of our gear is important to us. It costs a lot of money, it keeps us connected with others and it provides entertainment. The last thing you want is for a power surge to damage your new tablet or corrupt the battery on your smartphone. Pass-through charging negates the opportunity for that to happen by giving you a more stable, albeit slightly slower, charge.

Do all power banks have pass-through charging?

At present, not all power bank manufacturers have taken up the option of using pass-through charging. Some claim the extra costs involved don’t justify it, others cite the heat build-up that could happen through feeding power into other devices as not ideal.

Looking at the market as it stands, you are more likely to find pass-through charging in USB-C hubs or docking stations, but several premium chargers have also embraced the tech.

Some have been smarter still and allow for a pass-through of power without any wires and using multiple power banks.

At MAGFAST, for example, where six premium chargers have been created to cover all the needs and necessities you may have, you could in fact power up a portable power bank by connecting one of the larger multi-use devices like MAGFAST Extreme to it. Simply snapping them together allows for a seamless transition of power from one bank to the other. No wires, no extra heat and no need for the mains.

Use MAGFAST power banks for pass-through charging

With the versatile range of chargers created by MAGFAST, you can get your tech fully powered up no matter where you are. With multiple USB outlets, you can connect to the mains to fill a portable power bank such as MAGFAST Life, for example, with power. You can then, at the same time, rest your phone on the Qi wireless charging pad or use one of the USB ports to connect your device charging cable.

Want to know more about how MAGFAST chargers can meet your tech needs and ensure you are never out of power? Join us for our demo and discover the MAGFAST family. You might even win $1,000 worth of high-quality premium tech gear!

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