#BoxUponBoxUponBox New Packaging Designs – Update 99

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Thank you for the outpouring of wonderful feedback to last week’s update.

We’re thrilled that you’re so pleased with the Life prototypes. We’ve now got a second and we believe final Life proto being made and Air is on the way too. With luck Air will only need a single ‘round’ and we can get both into tooling.

We’ve spoken with you from time to time about packaging and have some great new work to show you this week.

Packaging is a real Catch-22. Mostly it just gets torn off and thrown away, so any $ you put into making it good is just for a split second impression a customer has as they rip it off.

But… it sets the expectation for product quality, even though the two are completely independent.

We’re trying to thread the needle and make packaging that is reasonable in terms of cost… but that looks great. We’re hoping the boxes will be nice enough you’ll want to keep them and use for storage of MAGFAST or other valuables in your home.

Anyway – see what you think!

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