#Road This Road is a Trip – Update 96

A while back we polled all our backers asking whether or not you agree that USB-C is super-important for the future.

94% of you voted yes and agreed we should ‘lean-in’ to USB-C and shortly afterwards we announced a slew of upgrades to most of our products to deliver more USB-C (we always fully supported C) across the range.

But with Road we had a problem. Space is at a premium inside a vehicle and the ‘top’ of Road – the end you see when it’s plugged into your car – was already packed with the flashlight and two USB-As – and we didn’t want to take any of that away.

Please watch this week’s short update where we’ll show you what we’ve done… adding a lot more power and making Road relevant for something like an extra 100,000 miles!

And the revised position of the flashlight is genius. Brilliant work by our DFM guru Christos, who you met a few weeks ago.

Have an outstanding weekend ?


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