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Seymour is in Austin as he writes this week, for a couple of important meetings.

Last night he met with Ronny Lynch. Ronny has been a friend and advisor for several years now. He helped Amy & Seymour through the most difficult time of their lives when their old company failed, and has been a solid supporter from the start of MAGFAST.

Like all of us, Ron stresses we have to stay laser focussed on shipping great products. Seymour has told you over the last few weeks that he is really pleased with progress at last.

In fact, as Seymour writes the latest two prototypes of MAGFAST are just landing. He’ll have video for you soon but he saw them onscreen a few days ago and they look phenomenal. Fast USB-C, delightful LEDs… you get the idea. The only thing missing was the exterior printing and he thinks from the feed he saw we’ll need to choose one of the slightly stronger magnet specs to get the feel ‘just right’.

The other meeting, later this morning, is with a consultant we’re working with a few hours a week to make Customer Service even better.

Customer Service is one of the (many!) parts of the business that seems from the outside like it would be so easy. How hard can it be? Just answer a few emails right? The challenge is that we’ve all come to expect that we can get in touch with any company, at any time, via any channel and get an almost instant response. That’s hard to do well if you’re a large company (which is why its so infuriating to deal with many of them) and exponentially harder as a startup with a small team and very limited resources.

Anyway we’re always striving to make Customer Service better and better and Seymour is there to meet Rex to learn everything he can!

And he came to Austin via Atlanta where another of our advisors had invited him to a short conference called ScaleUp 2019. ScaleUp is all about the stresses and strains that businesses undergo when they have a great idea and it starts to grow fast.

Someone said they thought it was a bit early for him to be looking at Scaling Up and he thinks that’s a fair comment. Its important to get out of the bubble from time to time however – and speaker after speaker reminded me how important it is to stick with your core values, even if its seems expedient to take shortcuts.

Anyway while he was there the folks at Bloomberg Live did a quick informal interview with him and if you’re interested we’ve posted a copy here.

Thank you for supporting MAGFAST so patiently. We are looking forward to showing you these new prototypes after the holiday.

Have a phenomenal Memorial Day weekend.

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